My Ongoing Tally of Things They Lied to Us About

  1. PCR CT Testing Scam
  2. Two weeks to flatten the curve, two more weeks to slow the spread
  3. Asymptomatic Spread of a Respiratory Virus
  4. Lockdowns and Stay-at-Home orders would flatten to curve
  5. Vitamin C & D are not effective against the virus
  6. South Dakota, Florida, Georgia, Texas did Lockdowns wrong. California and New York did Lockdowns right
  7. COVID cases Numbers and Deaths “with” COVID instead of Deaths “of” COVID – See Alameda County, CA
  8. Using the COVID-19 “Plandemic” as a catalysis for the “The Great Reset” is a Conspiracy Theory
  9. Wuhan lab leak hypothesis of the coronavirus outbreak was just a crazy conspiracy theory by orange man and is minions.
  10. Hydroxychloroquine was not safe nor effective… well partially true except when administered with azithromycin
  11. Ventilator, ventilator, ventilator!!! We need ventilator!!
  12. The exaggerated efficacy of social distancing and masking

….. I could go on.

My Appearance On “What’s HAPAning” Podcast

Shaine was gracious enough to invited me on his Podcast “What’s HAPAning” along with a plethora of guests to discuss what it’s like being a father, how becoming a father has changed their perspective on life, how the COVID hysteria has warped the minds of families, and much more. It was a blast and some much needed therapy for me.

Guests: John Odermatt:


Shane Hazel:



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Operation Mockingbird: A Formal Observation

Recently, a digital Ideological sparring partner and I were going back and forth on the Great Mask Debate and I shared something with him that I felt was based. He immediately replied with what is now a standardized refrain: oh that’s from so and so he believes such and such. It was 8 minutes of an informed opinion on the matter, with public sources to verify facts for his rationale. Decent video, nothing special, just concise information that hammers home the point I was making. So, when he replied how he did and so quickly, I was struck with a crystalized realization: All of our messengers are flawed on purpose.

You see, I don’t know who the so and so is…and honestly I dont care. I grew up in the prosperity of the Clinton administration, only to see something strange happen in 2000 that didn’t make sense. Why would Bush jr. win if we just kicked out his globalist dad, who just plunged us into war to protect international interest? After just one term, no less. No more freaky Genesis puppet videos. No more New World Order puppet in charge, and our lives did seemingly get better during the Clinton years. I went into 2000 eyes wide open, discovering knowledge everywhere, soaking it up like a sponge. And from that, came the understanding that something was severely wrong with American elections. Almost as if they were under attack by corporations and the “B” word. I thought; what is up with ATM makers, Diebold, making the electronic voting machine with proprietary code and tech? So I say that to say that FOX News was my mortal enemy. But in an ironic twist, guess where im finding the truth being spoken about the virus? On fucking FOX News. Guess what I do? I fucking share it. So what ever opinion this man has about the shape of the earth does not diminish his skepticism against wannabe tyrants and an obviously corrupt body politic. The wannabe tyrants have found a way to control information through this insidious programmed behavior to invalidate something not by its merits, but simply by who says it. We will leave what Epstein means to all of this out.. that’s not 101.. but I’ll continue my story…

I was in my 3rd year at Georgia Tech by 2000. Coding and the internet at large had taken over my interest. So I was fully aware of the power of the code. For the 4 years that followed, those I considered to be the best and the brightest, and all my main stream sources at MSNBC and Air America, showed me how broken the election was and specifically the DieBold election machines. By the night of the election I was fully invested. John Kerry vs Dubya. Good vs. Evil. An honorable military guy vs the draft dodger. Unfortunately they were also two skull and Crossbones members, as we found out on Tim Russert’s Meet the Press, which I watched religiously, along with the Daily Show. You can say I was a bit of a liberal savant. I was already a Bernie Sanders guy by then, but thought Kerry was “the right man for the job.”

As Dubya’s 1st term reached high gear, I was fresh out of college. I had started 2 businesses that were doing well, was about to embark on a 3rd, and I seriously considered Dubya an existential threat to the American Ideals and freedoms that were instilled in me. So when, on election night, Dubya won his 2nd term, I wept. And through the tears of idealism, I was now convinced something nefarious on grand scale was afoot.
Now here we are, 20 years later and the political cycle is all but apparent. The party leaders work together in unison to trick the citizens as they actually do the bidding of corporations and bankers. The dance that the two party system operates under has calcified into a full on information war, equipped with ever deafening echo chambers and flawed leaders.

The loser of that 2000 election was Al Gore, who is now a billionaire and the face of the globalist climate change vehicle. The 2004 loser, John Kerry, as a diplomat and other various high ranking positions, has carried out more of the NeoCon mission than anything he had originally campaigned on. He is a Skull and Bones member; a globalist…but I digress. That’s it…that is it in a nutshell.
Everybody providing conversation in public has a message to tell. And it is the job of the CIA to pick these messengers so flawed that they become hard to believe after a 1 or 2 political cycles. More importantly, during these 12 year political cycles, where the parties take turns ruining the country, the lying party switches every other cycle so when the active political generation comes of age, they already trust one side of the narrative over the other and simply dismiss anything and everything from the other side. This is obviously bad for a democracy or a republic, but it is great for wannabe tyrants who have a history of using “Divide and Conquer” to ensure the peasants don’t unify and revolt.

So I leave you with this:

We are so caught up in the messenger. We fixate on the messenger and not the message. This is on purpose, I now formally believe. This insidious thinking amongst the American public happens to be the legacy of Operation Mockingbird, where in closed senate hearings, the CIA was caught crafting propaganda, and planting stories, and utilizing people in high levels of media. The CIA director William Casey said these ominous words: “We will know the disinformation program is complete when every thing the American public believes is false.”
This is where we are 40 years later, since the Church Committee warned of this burgeoning mission to control the narrative, by bombarding us with a disinformation campaign perfectly tailored to our weaknesses. Social Media has only accelerated this operation.

Trust but verify. Believe but investigate. It is easy to fall a victim to a narrative when the tools are as pervasive and ubiquitous as Facebook/LifeLog, and cellular phones. But we cannot be lazy. Do the work for yourself. The world just may depend on your diligence in this Information War.

Gurus On the Lam, in Frisco, Colorado

Frisco, CO (ACTJ) – A friend of mine once gave me a magnet for my refrigerator. We can address that later. Thursday evening in Frisco may be of little value to those who haven’t been stranded alongside I-70, but this strange little town may as well be the nexus of the universe for a disillusioned American in the latter half of life. The days are a waste; filled with tourism of all conceivable manner. Fancy little fuck boys, rocking their grey sweatpants; masks underneath their chin, as they stroll up and down Main Street, looking for a chance to score with a fully vaccinated Caucasian female. Middle aged mountaineers, unloading their $5,000 bicycles, and preparing for a hard ride on paved trails that intersect with the municipality. Geriatric retirees, likely living out their remaining post-vaccine months, basking in the sunshine, 9,000 ft. Above sea level. It’s hard to tell who’s who anymore. With social distancing and mandatory masking a thing of the past, one must pay attention to more subtle clues. If clues cannot be gathered, it’s always easy to judge. The year is 2021, and facts are nearly irrelevant. It’s far better to pay attention to our feelings. Fish at the Silverheels Bar and Grill is no laughing matter. At nearly $30 per plate, it must only be assumed that the pallet should be pleased. Wasabi Salmon for the win. Tiger’s blood and Moscow Mules…..three may be enough for dinner, but eavesdropping a conversation could easily require more. Along came a guru. As best as I could gather, it seems as though our guru found his companions at the bar. Waxing eloquent about construction leadership, it seemed as though I was on the outskirts of the presence of a less talented version of Joel Osteen. The liquor was definitely doing the thinking, as he implored his captive college students to understand his vision. He’s “trying to develop a new future”. I can’t say I blame him. I’m just trying to drink Moscow Mules. Ramblings of a lunatic mind became more evident as he recalled his many bouts of depression……there was a certain earnestness to his voice; the type of begging that we hear on a Sunday television program. The desire to smack him upside the head was getting insatiable…..just in time for him to ask his female target: “do you exercise a lot?”. Fucking hell……here we go. All gurus are the same. God knows I’m no better. “The reason I brought it up. You know why I like you? I like to have the shit kicked out of me.” It’s like he could read my mind……I’d better be careful. He’s obviously a fucking Jedi. With the danger in this situation becoming increasingly apparent, its best to down the last Mule on the table, fret not for any unaccounted balloon knots, and motion to pay the tab. No good can come from prolonged exposure to this mad man’s drivel. I can barely hear him anyway. He tells his apprentices that they have “intrinsic kinetic energy.” His female apprentice says: “I wish” The guru responds: “You wish. That means there’s hope. I believe in hope.” It’s so fucking weird…. Now he says some female “keeps sending him crazy fucking things.”……I can certainly relate…sometimes. Hope is a dangerous idea. It’s definitely time to go….pay the bill before my urges to interact become all encompassing. He keeps saying “Sir”, emphasizing the consonants, as though they are but a prelude to some sort of linguistic orgasm…..heaven help us all. The guru is heating up from downtown. My server is lovely….she reminds me of the kind of woman that would’ve stolen my heart 20 years ago. Back when I had a heart. Back before I sold my soul…… Tip her well. It may be the last opportunity. The last thing I heard from the guru, as I made my way out the door….”when I was young, I didn’t know how to…..” Shut up. “Write drunk, edit sober” That’s what the magnet said. Hemingway be damned.

Facebook Employs Virologist Who Worked In Wuhan To Eradicate Misinformation


SINGAPORE (ACTJ) — As misinformation regarding the origin of COVID-19 continues to spread across social media, Facebook has announced plans to contain dangerous and completely unsubstantiated claims. Facebook fact checker Dr. Danielle Anderson will be working hard to ensure theories propagated by fringe scientists such as Dr. Luc Montagnier, will be completely eradicated from the public forum.

Dr. Montagnier is a senile old man who who claims to have discovered HIV IN 1983, as well as winning a Nobel Prize in 2008, but has recently put forward the dangerous and obviously false idea that coronavirus was created in a lab.

This ridiculous conspiracy has continued to gain traction on social media, despite Dr. Montagnier’s complete lack of credentials. All of his scientist friends point and laugh at him. Dr. Anderson, on the other hand, spent years working at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, where she was involved in numerous experiments with bat coronaviruses. Her work obviously qualifies her opinion as the final, definitive word on whether or not the virus was created there. She currently works at the NUS Medical School lab at Duke University, Singapore, while also contributing to Facebook, in order to seek out, identify, and destroy with extreme prejudice, any and all articles claiming that COVID-19 may have originated at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Dr. Anderson says she’s 90% confident that the virus came from bats in the wet market, prompting ACTJ officials to issue an emergency accreditation.