My Ongoing Tally of Things They Lied to Us About…Grows

Add Lafayette Square to the long and growing lists of things we were lied to about in 2020.

“I’m hear for the photo op, right? “

This one was pretty obvious but frustrating as all get out regardless. Mema when the jackbooted thugs of the Orange Man’s Administration deploy nerve agent to clear the brave and peaceful protesters from Lafayette Square so that the Narcissist-In-Chief could have a photo opt? Me neither. But if you were to have or intrepid press spin the tail that, and other Orange Man bad transgressions, was unprecedented and just plain mean. Welp, that was bat guano. On there ongoing tour to rebuild there tattered reputation, our Journalism class revisited that fateful day and guess what? Nah, don’t guess I’ll just quote the headline:

Police did not clear Lafayette Square so Trump could hold ‘Bible’ photo op: Watchdog

Now I think we are all tried on winning because our betters within the establishment media keep taking L ‘s. It’s time we have to start admitting that this shit is getting “re-goddamn-diculous“. Not only did the Park Police did not clear Lafayette Park and the nearby area of protesters on June 1, 2020, so that Drumpf could walk from his crib (well the peoples’ crib) over to St. John’s Church, but the Bureau of Prisons officers on the scene were getting their asses kicked. This prompted the Park Police to begin “aggressively clearing the park”. Now you see why our former lord and savior Cheeto Jesus called the fake news the “Enemy of the People“.

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