Boots On The Ground – Real News From Those Who Serve

The following is an exact transcript from a whistleblower within the Armed Services.
This is not satire. This is not a joke.
This is what’s happening with taxpayer dollars.
This is what our military is being ordered to do.
This is the reality for our men and women in uniform.

Certain identifying portions have been redacted, and some spelling corrections have been made.
(The original text was typed quite hastily)
Trusted sources are trusted.
– Shawn Bradley Witzemann (TMI)

“2/1 Marines were held at least one extra day at the tax payers expense in the dangerous combat theater Kabul, Afghanistan to police call (clean) their base for the Taliban.
I know you’re waiting for the punchline but this isn’t a joke.
The General’s name is General Sullivan w/ TF 51/5. They were ordered to clean, even though there were credible threats of suicide vests and about a dozen military aged men, armed with AKs, came over the walls of Abbey Gate of the base at the time.
The base in question was HKIA; arguably the most valuable air base in all of Kabul, and 2nd most valuable in the entire nation.
I lived there myself for a few months, and it is huge; filled with transient barracks and massive motor pools that we shouldn’t be cleaning for the enemy. They knew this and were still ordered to making cleaning up the base, to hand over to the Taliban, top priority.
The order came from 51/5 General and SGTMAJ.
They made these marine sleep on the floor and benches of the gyms, and then clean up after themselves in the gym, after packing up to leave, as well as reflip vehicles into the right position to hand over to the Taliban.
It was also apparently a Navy Admiral that made them do this because 2/1 had apparently trashed a vehicle of his (not his POV mind you but a military vehicle merely assigned to him), so he took it out on them with this dangerous and wildly insulting, petty vengeance play, while he hid in the JOC doing no work.
I know you are [Redacted], but I am a soldier who spent time on HKIA, defending HKIA, operating missions, and living out of HKIA.
This is a disgrace to all of us who gave our bodies, energy and best years to the fighting forces for Afghanistan for them to treat these Marines like this.
All soldiers are my brothers, [Redacted]. Please stand up for them somehow, or contact whatever the whistleblowing group for them is.”

More to come in a series of future posts.

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