Our Hello World Inaugural Post

Welcome to Blogs@Relative Progress. This is our inaugural post. What is blogs.relativeprogress.com about? It’s random folks posting random thoughts about the world around them. Mankind’s progress has been remarkable, but relative to all social norms around us. No matter how civilized and evolved we think we are, our progress as a species is relative, hence the name.

I believe the future of this social web thing is content, curated by the social graph of consumers. We need to interject ourselves into that graph. We need people to follow us and what we think about what is happening. We hope to cultivate an environment for free thought and expression even if it isn’t the same thoughts that the masses have. We realize that all problems can have more then one solution and every opinion has equal value. Information is a raw material that will require processing to manufacture a derivative product of opinionated and curated content. That will be our mission.

We’ll try not to be an echo chamber. Here we’ll put an emphasis on original content. We know that most people find it a little frustrating to simply reread things that other people found interesting. So we’ll add more context to avoid this trap.