The Circus Has Always Been In Town

As Americans prepare to celebrate our most sacred holiday, by keeping our masks firmly affixed to our fat faces and not gathering together to watch a football game, a seemingly underreported story about pedophilia and child rape in Washington, DC should probably be discussed. I know you’d all prefer to responsibly and intermittently remove your muzzles, in order to stuff your mouth hole with genetically modified chicken wings, but if you think that’s more important than the systematic exploitation, rape, and torture of children by those in places of power, I have to tell you: you’re an asshole. I don’t mean to sound as though I’m speaking from a place of exception or pomposity. I know I’m an asshole. I ate my chicken wings last night. We all need a distraction from time to time, yet here I am; writing again. A former Republican Senate staffer was arrested on Friday on federal charges of child pornography. Law enforcement claims that Ruben Verastigui was part of an online group which had traded large numbers of illicit files and videos over the course of the last few months. According to chat logs obtained by investigators, Verastigui expressed his penchant for watching babies being raped. “Well like I said babies are some of my biggest turn-ons,” he allegedly wrote. “I have been wanting to see videos of guys hardcore raping a baby…when a baby screams it’s my favorite.”I know we would all like to think that the Q conspiracy claims of a secret cabal who ritualistically tortures children in order to extract adrenochrome are false. As someone who has followed the Q psy-op fairly closely for the last few months, it does seem that some of the claims are exaggerated and even fabricated, but isn’t that the very point of a well executed disinformation campaign? It’s easy to discredit reality when an alternative conspiracy is presented as the problem. Nobody wants to believe that the global power structure trades children as currency. Nobody wants to think that the very authorities, tasked with our general welfare, are responsible for such atrocities. I’m sure those peasants who lived in terror as their children were abducted during the rule of Countess Elizabeth Báthory felt the same way. Maybe if they would’ve had a football game to watch, while getting shit-faced and cheering with vaccinated healthcare workers, cardboard cutouts, and other fantastic distractions, they would’ve been less upset about the situation. Perhaps the Countess might have been able to avoid her eventual imprisonment in December 1610, but let’s face facts: the only reason she was imprisoned was because she had murdered so many peasants that there was a shortage of available workers needed to harvest crops and perform other tasks for the Hungarian nobility. Nobility hates it when unrestrained bloodlust inhibits productivity. In his last tweet before being arrested, Verastigui congratulated House Democrats and Republicans for removing freshman Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) from several congressional committees for spreading Q Anon “conspiracy theories”.…/status/1357578918040137730…As I move on from conspiratorial nonsense, in order to fully enjoy the corporate sponsored festivities on Super Bowl Sunday, I rest easy knowing that Verastigui’s sentiments are perfectly in line with the congressional majority in our nation’s Capitol. The bread is plentiful, and the circus hasn’t skipped a beat.

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