Convergence: Bits, Neurons, Qubits

I read an article recently during my weekly Sunday sabatical of knowledge injusten from the World Economic Forum. Now before all you conspiracy buff yell a collective “New World Order Globalist” go to the link to hear them out on the convergence of technologies that are going to be the keys to the fourth industiral revolution. This particluar article dicusses the emerging technologies of Artifical Intelligence, Quantum Computing, High Performce Computing (think super computing and cloud) and the decreasing cost of compute that wil enable it. There are other triggering phrases that distract from the over arching theme. Such phrases as “public-private partnerships, governments, industry and academia can work together. That should bring you chills but ignore that for right now. The other turn of phrase you should be paying attention to is the “Future of Computing and powering the age of Accelerated Discovery”. Advances in AI, Quantum and cloud computing once converged will (not might) enable the development of cutting-edge technologies that accelerate material science and address challenges like healthcare, climate change, cybersecurity, and finance. The Singularity. In the next 2-4 years, these will be the building blocks of the Four Industrial Revolution built from the ruins of The Great Reset. I have created a curreated Twitter list that you can follow (@nickwaye) that follows cutting edge academics and technologist from the institutions and companies who are on the bleeding edge of this coming convergance. Pay Attention!!

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