Location! Location! Location!

I was using the shit out of location-based services today between Buzz and FB. Did you follow me?  Here are my impressions of both services: It was kind of a tie, but I’ll give the edge to Google Buzz because Google location is pretty damn good. Google always knew where I was address wise even if its guess was one store off (by 50 feet in one case).

Facebook Places was a bit easier to use because there is an App. Buzz needs an true stand alone app on iPhone to better take advantage of Latitude, Hotpot and its other location services. Facebook just felt better because I know my family would see and comment on my location. I was even cool to see who else had checked-in at some of the places. However again the edge goes to Buzz because there was more engagement from my Buzz followers.

All-in-all my brief use of LBS today was kind of fun, but frustrating because I had to Check-in manually. The pressure was distracting. There needs to be a more automatic method to check-in to geodetic (geo-fenced) locations. Google needs to link Buzz to all if its other location services as well as allow you to use FB Places, Yelp, Foursquare and other check-in systems.  There was some good data I gleamed from my check-in activities. I hit 4 spots in an hour, a pretty efficient family outing.  I challenge you to give these services a try. You may learn something about your movements.

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