Ground-Zero Mosque

First thing first, the proposed Islamic Center in Lower-Manhattan is not at Ground-Zero, its several blocks away. That still doesn’t quell the anger that some see as a provocation on the part of Islamic radicals. This is over heated rhetoric at best and I feel is a big distraction from the true problems we face domestically. Where the hell did this controversy come from anyway? I assume this has been on the drawing board for years where it could have been halted. The real anger at the proposed Islamic Center in Lower-Manhattan (Mosque if you want to be inflammatory) is the fact that nearly a decade later this structure will go up and be open for business before the World Trade Center and subsequent memorial is ever decided on. Like it or not Islam is blamed (at least in this country) for the murder perpetrated on that date so it’s a little insensitive and down right confrontational to build the Islamic Center in Lower-Manhattan there of all places. There I said it so flame me. It’s rubbing salt in a raw wound to put it there (of all places) while the nearly 7-story holes remain from where the original WTC stood. But we have become too sensitive culture as is and that stands as one of the reasons nothing has been build there to date. Look at the things that have been built around the world this pass decade since 9/11 (see below). The Burj Khalifa in Dubai; the International Commerce Center in Hong Kong and Palm Jumeirah off the coast of Dubai(a freaking man-made island shaped like a desert palm). The sad fact is we (USA) used to build stuff like this. What happen? This is just a guess, but if we had at least started construction on the edifice of the WTC this ‘Mosque at Ground-Zero’ issue would not be one. Time to stop morbidly honoring the dead while feeling sorry for ourselves and build the goddamn towers.

Stuff Built Since 9/11

1. Burj Khalifa, Dubai United Arab Emirates
Began in 2004
Completed in 2010

2. International Commerce Center, Hong Kong HK China
Began in 2002
Completed in 2010

3. Palm Jumeirah, Dubai
Began in 2001
Partially completed 2008 (28 Hotels and resorts already occupy the island)

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