A Tale of Two Monsoons

From the looks of our 7-day outlook we’ll be receiving a much needed break from our seasonal monsoonal weather pattern.  After today we’ll be drying out and our characteristically late season heat wave will come in with a vengeance.  I for one welcome it. I was born and raised in the south so I am more equip to deal with the uncharacteristic humidity then other native New Mexicans. That does mean I enjoy it.

As other parts of the state in the more rural corners dry out from flooding I can’t help but to contrast this event with the recent monsoons that have tragically ravaged parts of Pakistan. The scale may be larger, but results in such tragedy is always the same – an unfortunate loss of life.  The flooding around here yielded 1 fatality as compared with 1100, however we are not nearly as populated as Pakistan.  The only event is recent history on the same geographic scale would be the Tennessee floods of this Spring. Say what you will about government failure of even the sad state of our municipal governments, we still handle such acts-of-god fairly well (even Hurricane Katrina). Contrast this with the massive loss of life in Pakistan with the growing humanitarian disaster and I for one say GOD BLESS AMERICA.  Thank god for our prosperity, protocols and people for handling these things when everything else breaks down.  From earthquakes to Hurricanes,  where would you rather live when disaster strikes? Here or in Pakistan?

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