The Escalating War South of the Border

Video when the car bomb exploded in Ciudad Juarez – Noti 5 JuarezHoy

On 16 July the deadly drug war in waging in Ciudad de Juarez took a disturbing turn as a car bomb was detonated as authorities were responding to a call that a police officer had been killed. As police and and EMT’s the approached the area, a car bomb exploded. The video clearly above illustrates this. These tactics, short of being dispecetable, are those used by terrorist attacks in places like Israel and Iraq. If this was the case this represents a dangerous turn in this drug war that has claimed over 5000 lives across the country this year alone. An officer and a EMT were killed in the blast. The slain officer was the third man killed and is believed to have been the decoy. Just think about this for one second. Less than 10 miles away from where my Aunt and cousin live in El Paso the cartels are employing terrorist tactics to maintain their hold on power. These are the tactics of Hamas, Hezbollah or you name the insurgent element.

For those whom live outside of the Southwest and hence have no skin in the game this is the prime reason that places like Arizona overreact with harsh alien resident laws. This is what we worry about, we are not xenophobes. But harsh immigration laws alone aren’t going to curb the violence in Mexico. Neither is blaming the US for our drug appetites and guns Mr. Calderón. This isn’t the first drug war in that part of the world. The Colombian Drug War of the 80’s and 90’s saw similar levels of violence and in a lot of cases still do. My belief is that we saw an increased level of illegal immigration last decade not only because of the economic opportunities here state side but people simply trying to escape the violence.  Employers here fragrantly breaking the labor laws don’t help matters either.

This is serious business down here in New Mexico, Arizona, California and Texas. This has been our reality for a better part of five years.  What this isn’t is a political mallet to club political opponents over the heads with. Instead of suing Arizona, we need to do what is necessary. We have done it before against the likes of Pablo Escobar. We need to side with the Mexican Government (or less than corrupt factions) and go to war with these bastards. It was unorthodox (and unethical tactics like employing Los Pepes) that brought down the Colombian cartels. It’s going to take evil to beget evil and that is what these animals are. As I was typing this up today yet another massacre was perpetrated at a birthday party. Activist and politicos need to get over themselves. This is for real.

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