I‘ve been and off and on Libertarian for years. I’ve recently been re-evaluating some of my stances and here is my confession (Queue the Usher Music 🎶) 

– I want Legalized Prostitution
– No more drug Prohibition
– I don’t hate cops (I just mistrust them like I mistrust all agents of the state)
– I don’t mind private prisons I just don’t trust the Justice system that fills them.
– Free trade is a must
– Privatization of money (End the Fed)
– Less or no state interference in education
– Slowly allow the market to correct Healthcare
– Get insurance companies out of Healthcare
– I’m mostly Pro-Life
– I’m mostly Pro-Israel
– I’ve Never been a fan of Ron Paul
– Believe War is mass murder but a necessary evil
– I kind of like the Constitution- despite its flaws
– I trust and respect religious institutions
– Most days I call myself a Conservative, others days a Minarchist but deep down I like          Libertarian Anarchism.
– I’m not for Open borders; I want easier immigration but not Open borders (Sorry Austin  Petersen)

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