Shawn Witzemann Legal Defense Fund

Three Generations of Witzemann Men

This legal defense fund has setup to help journalist Shawn Witzemann, whom has been charged for being at the Capitol on January 6th, 2021. Shawn is a husband, father of two children and journalist with the American Council for Truth in Journalism. This is “Lawfare” plain and simple. Shawn Bradley Witzemann is NOT a far right “insurrectionist”.  Mr. Witzemann actions on January 5th and 6th were nothing short of courageous and informative.  Mr. Witzemann live streams were instrumental in informing the public and providing balanced context on that unprecedented day in January.  That, to me, is the textbook definition of Journalism.  Throughout the post-election turmoil, Shawn traveled (of his own expense) to all the battleground States’ post-election protests providing a balanced context of events. His footage has been sought after by numerous media outlets and he has appeared on said media outlets sharing his experiences and the facts on the ground.  As far as I am concerned he should be afforded ALL the protections under the  United States Constitution 1st amendment – freedom of press.   As a former Air Force veteran, it concerns me that speech and press freedom can be curtailed for an individual based on unfounded fears spread by the very institutions “journalist” should be skeptical of.  

This defense will not come cheap. So to support his efforts we humbly ask that you donate. This defense is estimated to cost $30,000, not including any costs incurred from time lost to hearings, preparation, and everything else that goes along with a federal case.  Mr. Witzemann will be the first to admit that he is a flawed man but he is fighting to preserve the freedom of speech and press for you, my children, and generations to come.