Modern Day “Witch Hunts”

Phil Anschutz is the owner of the Coachella Arts and Music Festival.  His crime: owning the Washington Examiner and contributing to socially conservative organizations that oppose same-sex marriage and abortion. The Left, as always, is outraged.   Add Mr. Anschutz to the long list of public and private citizens outed and ripe for boycott.

As far back as the Spanish Inquisition, Salem Witch Trial, to the Hollywood Blacklists of the McCarthy Era,  political and religious witch hunts have always been part of human mental Pathology. This latest brouhaha is no different. This political witch hunt is setting a dangerous precedent. A word of wisdom to the social justice Left that used the power of the public square to shame and persecute free markets in thought; the momentum of the pendulum always shifts. Be warned.

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Do Libertarians Need a “Fox News”?

Short answer. No.  Long answer.  Listen.

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Libertarian Lessons for Life

Libertarian lessons for life:

  • The pain of poverty is what drives most to get out of poverty.
  • If you want to eat,  you need to get out there and grind so that you can
  • Libertarianism is the most basic of concepts. I live my life, you live yours, and we all don’t hurt anyone else. I can hurt myself, that’s my choice, but I can’t hurt you.    
  • Liberty revolves around two concepts: FORCE & CHOICE.
  • First the State steals your stuff then they steal your words.
  • We must always be skeptical of those whom wish to or seek the power to be lord over men; public servants, private entities or otherwise
  • The government can never get rid of or control Markets because Markets are voluntarily interactions between free people.
  • If forcibly taking 100% of someone’s income is slavery, then at what percentage is it no longer slavery?
  • The growth in Private Prisons aren’t the causes of mass incarceration but a market response to growth in State violence.
  • Liberty lesson for the day: Collectivist are fixated on a world of limits in wealth and resources ignoring the limitless ingenuity of human being.
  • Fear of religion as a theocratic menace to a free society is irrational while the religious worship of the “State” has literally menaced and killed many, many more people.  
  • Haidt states that “Those who tend to see morality mostly through the prisms of Care/Harm and Fairness/Cheating are “liberal.” If your moral compass tends more toward Authority/Subversion and Sanctity/Degradation, you are “conservative.”
  • If your moral compass tends toward the prism of FORCE/CHOICE you are a “Libertarian”
  • Government is God to Statists, Collectivists and Leftists. The most dangerous superstition is worship of the State.
  • Has a Leftist ever stop to think that maybe there is so much polarization and ideological groupthink because they are constantly launching assaults on normalcy? The victims of this aggression just want to be left alone clinging to their worldview not hurting anyone.  Leftist are the aggressors. A perversion of relativism is their ideology. Nihilism is their religion.
  • We cannot govern our lives or affairs with “what if” this or that happens.  We must governor these affairs “because of” something.
  • Use punishment to cause sensual pleasures to become distasteful to them. Then you will see that every point of your legislation will cause the savages to lose a vice and gain a virtue.  – Condillac
  • Christmas is about Christendom & Capitalism – two of the most maligned concepts in contemporary America.
  • Once you have the bestowed the “right” to something upon one person you’ve created an obligation for another. Rights are god given not State granted.
  • Counter-Economics: Black markets are a natural outgrowth of excessive government manipulation of the economy, which makes operating outside the law preferable.

Know these lessons and you are on your way to understanding the principles of Liberty.

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Fake Beef

I would call this headline a little Hyperbolic. That is not what Nick Sarwark said per say. I listened to this very show on a drive back from El Paso. I have a slight disagreement with his position that States “Rights” (I am growing to hate that word in context to states) are not a Libertarian position. Nick should probably talk to some more rank and file party members I talk to locally.  This type of shit is how fake beefs get started. I am no worshiper of Dr. Paul – I’m personally sick of hearing his name come up constantly – but this is blown a bit out of proportion.

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The Relative Progress Evolution

When I first started this blog I was really into tech. To a certain extend I still am but where tech met socio-economics and culture I saw a rift.  I spent a lot of time in the Bay Area and talked to lots of folks.  This is where I began to truly see a ideological divide that I saw as troubling.  For an area of the country so touched by entrepreneurship, free-markets and meritocracy they seem to spout an awful lot of cultural Marxist and socialist bullshit. There was this naivete about government that I found puzzling. The growing “Technorati”, beta-male types started infiltrating the tech press and the incessant virtue signaling began. I suspect this was mainly because of the fact that the tech press was growing increasingly more female (which in and of itself wasn’t a bad thing) began to push a social justice agenda and the “feels” that had little to do with the underlining technologies. Progressive politics began to pollute my tech.

Increasingly, my post became less about tech and more about political trends that I saw developing in the tech world and tech industry.  A look at my older articles will show this slow evolution.  I did a weekly podcast for a while using a startup and now defunct platform FlipZu.  Those links are dead and the podcasts are gone.  These were mostly apolitical podcasts but every once and a while I would go a little right-wing with a rant or two.  When my travel between my home base and California increased, I ceased the podcast and simply stuck to blogging.  And as is the case with most blogs I stopped altogether.

That brings us to now.  More and more of my deep thoughts and musing where appearing more on Facebook, Twitter and various Google platforms than on my blog.  These platforms make it friction-less to do so.  A series of unfortunate and eye-opening events caused me to reevaluate where I placed my efforts.  So I’m back.


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