Not a #MuslimBan

There are lot of pseudo-Constitutional scholars and lawyers online this weekend pertaining to the “Muslim Ban“.  First, let’s leave aside the debate of whether this is actually a Muslim Ban – it’s not– and look at this morally and philosophically.  When did seeking asylum or immigration to the U.S. become the right to everyone on earth?  I am compassionate to the plight of refugees, particularly from the countries that we have invaded, bombed or destabilized.  Where my compassion stops is open border polices for the sake of virtue signalling to the world that we are the better people; we are a nation of immigrants; multicultural diversity is our strength. These argument are patently absurd and there are numerous breakdowns as to why these arguments are rubbish. We are (as a country) allow more legal immigrants and issue more “Green cards” into our country than the rest of the world.  You can use statistical rhetoric to say that we on a per capita basis don’t, but that’s just disingenuous. I am the son of a Nigerian immigrant and my father holds dual citizenship. No currently law or executive order impedes his ability to go between both countries – Nigeria is 50% Muslim.

Here is the crux of the issue, no one has the right to come here. We are a nation state (sorry AnCaps we are not there yet) and that allows us some degree of latitude of whom we permit to enter. We may not like it, it’s a hell of an inconvenience for the free flow of people across borders, but the world is full of dangerous people that wish to do us harm – some for justifiable reasons. As I have stated numerous times on social media where all the hyperventilating is taking place, while this Executive Orders may be ham handed and a blunt instrument for instituting policy it is not unprecedented. While it is not an excuse, the Obama Administration did do something similar back in 2011 with Iraqi refugees.

But this begs to question a broader issue of executive power that hysteria and sycophantic behavior of the Left and Right receptively ignore. No one man in the office should stop you from making things happen for yourself. If it does stop you that says more about the consolidated power of the office, not the man. Obama administration set a dangerous precedence with previous executive action on immigration – the Left were silent.  The Trump Administration now uses those same powers to reverse it. Right or wrong the people of Middle America voted for the latter. Elections have consequences and so do Executive Orders as an instrument of policy making. That should alarm us all.

But let’s look at the genesis of this current controversy. ‪Why are failed interventionists policies of the Obama administration and the Europeans powers (Libya, Syria, Iraq, Yemen) that caused the Refugees crisis our fault?  So now this currently administration and the American people should have to clean up the mess?  Let’s not forget that interventionists wars over the pass decade caused this. Until we live in a prefect Libertarian society with open borders and voluntary association, a nation state has a duty to vet those who enter its territories. Sorry if that’s mean but it is just fact. No Leftist-Libertarian house organs (here and here) can change that fact.

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I‘ve been and off and on Libertarian for years. I’ve recently been re-evaluating some of my stances and here is my confession (Queue the Usher Music 🎶) 

– I want Legalized Prostitution
– No more drug Prohibition
– I don’t hate cops (I just mistrust them like I mistrust all agents of the state)
– I don’t mind private prisons I just don’t trust the Justice system that fills them.
– Free trade is a must
– Privatization of money (End the Fed)
– Less or no state interference in education
– Slowly allow the market to correct Healthcare
– Get insurance companies out of Healthcare
– I’m mostly Pro-Life
– I’m mostly Pro-Israel
– I’ve Never been a fan of Ron Paul
– Believe War is mass murder but a necessary evil
– I kind of like the Constitution- despite its flaws
– I trust and respect religious institutions
– Most days I call myself a Conservative, others days a Minarchist but deep down I like          Libertarian Anarchism.
– I’m not for Open borders; I want easier immigration but not Open borders (Sorry Austin  Petersen)

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Solar Energy Hustle

I was reading yet another article attempting to shame tech executives who dare join or with the new administration when I came across this excerpt from this New York Times:

“…solar technologies, both photovoltaic and concentrated, employ almost 374,000 workers, or 43 percent of the electric power generation workforce.  (Coal, by contrast, accounts for about 86,000 workers.)”

Leave a side the Left’s bullying tactics to coerce ideological conformity Think about that quote that for a minute.  As of 2015 according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, coal makes up 33% of all our energy generation.  Contrast that to solar which was 0.6%. While all of the Energy industry in the U.S. receives some form of subsidies (solar received $39 billion in 2014/15),  coal receives a fraction of what Solar does and yet seems to be more efficient at wasting taxpayer subsidies to generate more energy with less workers. I would consider that a much better RIO if you wish to justify theft for cronyism.




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Homeless In Liberal Land

I am of two minds about this story. First, these San Francisco Liberal residents are hypocrites and petty.  How could you deny the opening of a soup kitchen for the poor run by nuns?  What are you evil? Heartless? Republican?  Second, you live in a city whose government allows the cesspool of homeless, crime, drugs and violence they bring to roam the city unchecked – and apparently some residents are getting feed up with it.  The city government actually incentives this behavior. Their building codes are F***ed which indirectly contributes to the housing crisis on in the City.   

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Warning to the Press

In all seriousness, I’m loving how Trump is slapping the media around. It’s simply delicious. However let’s pause for second as the press continues to overreact and overreaches once again. When this administration does something truly awful there will be no credible check that speaks truth to power. The virtual Press silence over the last 8 years was deafening.  Their conduct during this election cycle has been pretty gross. When we finally need them to speak truth to power I fear The people won’t believe their intentions – for they have long lost all faith in a necessary institution. The Left and it cancerous ideology have ruined press credibility. For that The Republic will suffer.

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