Solar Energy Hustle

I was reading yet another article attempting to shame tech executives who dare join or with the new administration when I came across this excerpt from this New York Times:

“…solar technologies, both photovoltaic and concentrated, employ almost 374,000 workers, or 43 percent of the electric power generation workforce.  (Coal, by contrast, accounts for about 86,000 workers.)”

Leave a side the Left’s bullying tactics to coerce ideological conformity Think about that quote that for a minute.  As of 2015 according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, coal makes up 33% of all our energy generation.  Contrast that to solar which was 0.6%. While all of the Energy industry in the U.S. receives some form of subsidies (solar received $39 billion in 2014/15),  coal receives a fraction of what Solar does and yet seems to be more efficient at wasting taxpayer subsidies to generate more energy with less workers. I would consider that a much better RIO if you wish to justify theft for cronyism.




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