Proto Podcast Episode 2?

Should this be considered episode 2?  Maybe, but either way here is a hot fire rant ‘fo yo ass’ today that is sure to get me banned from proper Libertarian circles.  Enjoy or not.

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Proto Podcast Returns

Because I’m lazy (and have a penchant to rant) I am re-launching the Proto Podcast on my WordPress Blog.   These are just a series of test uploads to see if this is a better outlet for my ideas. Any positive or negative feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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The Universality of Self-Defense

I was wandering my Facebook feed the other day when I came across an old post from my Uncle in Nigeria complaining about increasing restrictions on his ownership of firearms in the country.  As not a big fan of the state, he grew up as a war refugee during the Biafra Civil War, he could not help but come to the same conclusions that we in America have known since 1787. Governments love to disarm the citizenry because it must maintain a monopoly on force “for your own protection”.    Here was his post:

In response I spit some hot fire on Universality of his reaction:

“People everywhere look down on the gun crazy American culture but your summation is why there is a lawful guarantee that I can purchase a weapon, the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution. While we can’t easily purchase automatic weapons, we can purchase and possess shotguns, rifles and handguns. People ask the question all the time why we in America feel the need to own such weapons of war? The answer, a cultural distrust of government and its ability to protect us from robbers and bandits. That has brought with it some consequences. We have lots of gun crime in cities like Chicago and Baltimore. We have reasonable restrictions on ownership that we are willing to accept but when those restrictions become onerous we in America get wary and suspicious.

The first principles of natural law, god’s law, is defense of yourself and what is yours (property, family, life). This has become something in our civilized world we have outsourced to others and it has put us at their mercy. Governments should never have a monopoly on the use of force, deadly or otherwise. Those herdsmen are only doing what comes naturally – defending what’s theirs. Why won’t the Police do anything?  Fear of retaliation? Corruption?  Who knows. Government officials enforcement is always arbitrary which is why they should never be given unlimited powers to “protect the people”.  I wish I could take the weapons off your hands but you know …. international law and arm trafficking. God bless Uncle.”

True words then as they are now.

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I have been spending my morning reading the tech press and came across this article this morning that shows how ignorant, entitled and ideologically stupid they have become. AT&T now offers an unlimited data plan (some restrictions apply) to post pay customers (Pre-paid customers).  Leave it to the Highly Leftist tech press to complain about what is being offered: The author sniveling complaint about the plan read like a typical millennial brat:  

“The plan costs $60 per month and does technically include unlimited data. But AT&T won’t let subscribers get fast speeds, capping the plan at 3Mbps.”

How about we get some GODDAMN perspective.  10 years ago I paid the same amount for a sub par DSL line with the same speed (It really sucked by the way). Today, you can pay the same amount for that speed over the fucking air.  Is it sorcery?  NO.  It’s the nexus of Science and the Free Market.   Is it a perfect plan?  No, but could we have ever dreamed of such a thing in 2007?  Hell No.  This and plans like it will do more to close the digital divide than any silly gnashing of teeth about how the Government needs to do more.


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A Worrying Awakening

There is a worrying trend I have read across the Libertarian blogosphere over past weeks. These reactionary pieces are calling for “aggression” against “aggression” or Hoppean-styled “removal” (queue the Augusto Pinochet helicopter memes) of the communist scum. As assuming as these seems on the surface, the Right are becoming angry – very angry. Factions within the movement have drawn stark ideological lines. The reactionary Right (or Alt-Right) are triggering the Libertarian Left, pushing back against the NAP as Antifa acts to implement their political form of resistance with violence. This Political warfare inevitably leads to political violence which can descend into open and bloody warfare. This trend is troubling but unfortunately not unprecedented in our history.

1861 was the year the U.S. Civil War began and I see lots of parallels. Long before shots were fired,  a country was divided after the results of a contentious election.  One side did not accept the election results, spinning conspiracies based on fear and uncertainty. There were Protests and political warfare between two ideological views of what America should become. Subversive elements within the government stoking the tensions while playing both sides (the deep state so to speak). All these historical elements have contemporary corollaries to today for something truly terrible to happen. Read 1861: the Civil War Awakening. It is very prescient.

Then there is the rise of the Neo-reactionaries within the Libertarian movement. I am at my core still a Conservative but while I find their arguments compelling on Traditionalist grounds, they all give off an exclusionary, Statist White Supremacy vibe. Just my “feels” but not a condemnation of what they are doing – besides you should always, when possible, embrace and defend your fringes. This is what the Left does so well when they promote the more cultural nihilistic factions of there philosophy. But I encourage Libertarians (Left or Right) to listen to their arguments and where productive engage these folks here and here. It can be uncomfortable to watch and read but you must.  These are views within the movement that must be co-opted or combated but not ostracized.

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